WARNING: The “perfume”, “parfum” or “fragrance” now added to almost every product under the sun contains around 4,000 chemicals, most of which have never been tested!

Mar 22, 2023 | Health Issues from Perfume, All, Fragrance and Cancer

This is typical of most self-care and cosmetic products. It is full of toxins, particularly perfume, parfum or fragrance which contains thousands of unknown, untested and unregulated toxins

It is a little-known fact that there are around 4,000 chemicals included under “perfume.” 95% of these chemicals are extracted from petroleum – the oil industry plays a dubious role in this. Hand-in-hand with chemistry, it marches in a highly questionable direction.

The most amazing information…is that more than 80% of these chemicals have never been tested, as far as toxic effects on the human organism are concerned!

Eighty percent! Do you understand the enormity of this statement? The perfume industry is not regulated by any single government in the world. It is not obliged to provide information on the actual ingredients of its “odors.”

In other words, we have merely described the tip of the iceberg here.

Our information is incomplete. It can only be incomplete because thousands of tests do not exist. They cannot exist because the substances, the chemicals that are contained in perfumes, are not even declared and are not known. At the same time, the perfume particles, the poison particles, migrate to the most remote areas on planet Earth. Right now, we are systematically contaminating our planet. For all our apparent abundance of worldly goods, we labor hard to make our organisms, our human bodies, sicker, and sicker.

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