Perfume: The Hidden Bane of your Health

The Insidious Billion-Dollar Business

of Beauty, Sex and Chemicals
that Costs Your Health and Money

the hidden bane of your health

The list of illnesses that can be caused by perfume and fragrances range from a simple headache to death by cancer.

Why has no one told you this before? That’s a good question! Whatever the answer… we have created this site to put you in the know.

Some examples of Sources of Perfume

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“I have to admit the book was on the shelf for few months, but after I read it, I have regretted I haven’t picked it up before. I used to have unexplained headaches and once I removed the perfumes from my environment I haven’t had one since. I’m sure there are people out there with same problem. Great book, worth every penny.”
– Marko T.