Making it a Fragrance Free world together

We are dedicated to promoting awareness and educating the public on how fragrances and perfumes negatively impact our health and environment.

Our allies share our vision in encouraging conscious decision-making when it comes to using and manufacturing fragrances. Like us, these organizations aim to spark meaningful discussions, raise awareness, and drive positive change within consumer goods for a fragrance-free world.  

  • American Association for Cancer Research Cancer Prevention Research: The mission of the American Association for Cancer Research is to prevent and cure cancer through research, education, communication, and collaboration.
  • Breast Cancer Prevention Partners: Breast Cancer Prevention Partners is a trailblazing NPO working to prevent breast cancer before it starts.
  • Breast Cancer Action: Breast Cancer Action is a national education & activist organization dedicated to addressing & ending the breast cancer epidemic.
  • Breast Cancer UK: Breast Cancer UK uses the latest academic research on breast cancer prevention to provide guidance on how to reduce your risk.
  • Chemicals and Christians: Chemicals and Christians sheds light on the potential risks of everyday toxins, empowering readers with practical solutions to safeguard their health and nurture spiritually enriched environments for those affected by chemical sensitivities.
  • Children’s of the Health Defense: Children’s Health Defense is a non-profit organization whose mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable and establish safeguards to prevent future harm.
  • Credo: Credo fearlessly pushes beauty forward by setting the most demanding standards so that one day, all beauty will be clean beauty.
  • COPD Foundation: The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Foundation is a patient-centered organization committed to preventing COPD, bronchiectasis, and nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease, and to seeking cures while improving lives and advocating for all affected.
  • Defend Our Health: Defend Our Health’s mission is to build a world where everyone thrives, enjoying equal access to safe food, clean drinking water, healthy homes, and products that are free from toxins, while also being kind to our climate.
  • EDC-Free Europe: EDC-Free Europe demands for a protective European framework on endocrine disrupting chemicals.
  • Endocrine: Endocrine Society is a global community of physicians and scientists dedicated to accelerating scientific breakthroughs and improving patient health and well being.
  • Environmental Working Group (EWG): Environmental Working Group EWG is a nonprofit, non-partisan org working to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.
  • EWG’s Skin Deep: EWG’s Skin Deep database gives you practical solutions to protect yourself and your family from everyday exposures to chemicals in personal care products.
  • From Pink to Prevention: From Pink to Prevention is a breast cancer campaign that exposes the barriers to achieving primary prevention ie stopping the disease before it starts.
  • Global Action Plan: Global Action Plan is an environmental charity working towards a green and thriving planet, where everyone can enjoy happy and healthy lives within the Earth’s limits.
  • Johnson and Toxin: Johnson and Toxin helps eliminate toxic ingredients from baby care products by unveiling pharmaceutical harm and exposing a complacent, corrupt system perpetuating these injustices.
  • Keep a Breast: Keep a Breast mission is to reduce breast cancer risk and its impact globally through art, education, prevention, and action.
  • Made Safe: Made Safe is leading the way in human health and ecosystem-centered product certification, empowering consumers to make safer, sustainable choices and advocating for a chemical-free marketplace for a better future.
  • MCS Aware: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Aware provides information and support to thousands of people in the UK and worldwide suffering from chemical, food and electro-sensitivities.
  • Million Marker: Million Marker is a mail-in body toxicity test that uses your data to improve your chances of conceiving through sustainable diet and product recommendations.
  • Moms Clean Air Force: Moms Clean Air Force supports local projects that help reduce air pollution, fight climate change, and improve the health of our children and families.
  • Mums for Lungs: Mums for Lungs is run by a group of parents in the UK who are seriously concerned about air pollution’s impact on children’s health.
  • Safe Cosmetics: Safe Cosmetics leads the movement to make beauty and personal care products safer for all.
  • SOS MCS: SOS MCS empowers French people with chemical sensitivities to find support, understanding, and explanations for life-altering ailments.
  • The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX): TEDX operates as a science based, nonprofit research institute with a mission to reduce the production and use of chemicals that interfere with healthy hormone function.
  • Think Dirty: Think Dirty empowers conscious consumers to shop safest beauty and body care products.
  • The Chemical Sensitivity Podcast: Podcast amplifying voices of people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and research about the illness.
  • Toxic Free Future: Toxic-Free Future is creating a healthier tomorrow by advocating for the use of safer products, chemicals, and practices through advanced research, grassroots organizing, and consumer engagement.
  • UCLA Center for the Study of Women: The UCLA Center for the Study of Women works towards a world in which education and scholarship are tools for social justice feminism, improving the lives of people of all genders.
  • UCSF Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment: UCSF helps create a healthier environment for human reproduction and development through advancing scientific inquiry, clinical care and health policies that prevent exposures to harmful chemicals in our homes, workplaces, and communities.
  • Women’s Voices: Women’s Voices drives action towards a future free from the impacts of toxic chemicals rooted in gender justice alongside those historically and presently ignored by the environmental health movement by leveraging an intersectional solidarity approach based on our expertise in research, advocacy and organizing.
  • Yoni: Yoni is a growing collection of sustainable period products created with the belief that the time has come to open up, share stories, and care for Vulvas and Vaginas at every stage of life.
  • Zero Breast Cancer: Zero Breast Cancer promotes breast cancer prevention through targeted communication of evidence-based recommendations that support health & wellness at key stages of life.
  • National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation: National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation’s core purposes are to provide education and services to the growing segment of the population who are adversely affected by everyday chemicals and toxins in our environment.
Allies for Fragrance free