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Perfume - The Hidden Bane of Your Health

Researched and written by Johann Kellerer and donated to LBG. Independently published by LBG, the non-profit organization that owns the rights to this book. All profit from the sales of this book and donations go towards spreading the word about the dangers of perfume.

The Insidious Billion-Dollar Business of Beauty, Sex and Chemicals that Costs Your Health and Money.

If you are truly interested in your health and well-being, this book is an ABSOLUTE MUST!

Hidden bane, curse, enemy – once you fully understand the effects of perfume on your health, you will not find a better word for what’s really going on.


  • How perfumes affect your health
  • How perfume mutated from harmless, organic scented water to a toxic chemical cocktail
  • How perfume-industry masterminds make billions at the expense of your health
  • How health ministers worldwide sit idle and watch powerlessly

Lies and Truth

  • Skilled advertising psychologists make you believe perfume equals luxury, beauty, and sex.
  • The truth: perfume chemicals can trigger illnesses (like migraines, asthma, cancer, etc.), allergies and mental health problems (like depressions, etc.).

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