What You Can Do – To Protect Yourself from Perfume

Here are some ways you can protect yourself from unwanted and unsafe fragrances and perfumes: 

Create a Perfume free Household

Use the checklist from the book to create a perfume-free household.

Check labels and avoid buying products with the following substances, which can have an adverse effect on sex hormones, and have been found in perfumes:

    • octinoxates
    • oxybenzones
    • benzophenones 1 and 2
    • diethyl phthalates
    • butylated hydroxytoluene
    • galaxolides
    • tonalites
    • musketoons
    • benzyl salicylates
    • benzyl benzoates
    • Lilial 2
    • linalool
    • citronellol
    • citral
    • eugenol
    • geraniol
    • musk compounds

The best way to maintain a perfume free household is to only purchase products that are listed as fragrance-free, unscented, unperfumed or unfragranced.  

Follow a Perfume Detox Program

After creating a perfume-free household, follow the perfume detox program from the book.

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Perfume: The Hidden Bane of your Health Book

Read Perfume: The Hidden Bane of Your Health for an indepth understanding of how Perfume is unhealthy and what you can do to avoid it.