The Hidden Bane of Your Health
The Insidious Billion-Dollar Business of Beauty, Sex and Chemicals
that Costs You Your Health and Money

This is an educational site to reveal the Danger of Perfume.
(Perfume = Fragrance = Chemical Scents)

The issue of smoking took countless years before the tobacco industry was put in its place. It is now time to clean up the decades of misinformation, viciously indoctrinated into us by the advertising psychologists of the perfume industry, through which we daily poison ourselves and our family, friends, and acquaintances in small, repeated doses out of ignorance. is a not-for-profit company that educates and warns the consumer of the health risks associated with use of perfume and fragranced products, and of the harm they are doing to the environment, while putting pressure on governments worldwide to outlaw the manufacture and use of these toxic chemicals.