Why Perfume is poisonous for your health

The Number one Rule in the “manual” for human bodies? Ensure that you always get fresh, clean air into your body!

The more polluted the air that you breathe is, the more it will cause malfunction in your body.

This is the same for what you eat. The cleaner your food, the healthier your body will be.

Why Perfume is poisonous for your health

Why is perfume dangerous?

The natural scents of flowers, plants and food give us pleasure and in some cases do wonders for our well-being. They do not do any harm to our body.

Unfortunately the perfume and fragrance industry does not use natural scents from flowers but instead uses harmful synthetic chemicals. And not just one, but hundreds of various chemicals are used in a more or lesser degree in any perfume and fragrance, most of them are highly dangerous to our bodies.

Here are just a few to avoid: 

  • phthalates (endocrine disruptors)
  • benzophenone (carcinogen)
  • styrene (carcinogens).

The chemistry of perfume simplified:

Up to about 100 years ago perfume was made 100% out of natural organic flowers and plants. But then chemists have found ways to manufacture such scents with chemicals. And today, literally any and all scents can be made artificially.

Such chemicals in perfume are called aerosols. These are so tiny that they pass every barrier in the body system and reach the cells of your brain and any other location of your body system within seconds.

A body cell is a kind of chemistry laboratory in itself. From the bloodstream it gets vitamins, enzymes, minerals, etc. and mixes and changes them to manufacture various materials the body needs.

But when aerosols hit the cells – bang! Malfunction! That’s like filling your car with the wrong fuel. And now imagine that millions of aerosols hit your billions of cells every day, second after second.

How long can your body cope with it?

A newly born baby’s health could be compromised from resting in bedsheets heavily saturated with fragranced washing powder.

Adults using perfumed products day after day might last 30 to 40 years before cancer takes over.

It varies a lot, dependent on the overall constitution and outdoor vs indoor activities (the difference being that outdoors one can regenerate body cells with fresh, clean air, unless the area is a heavily polluted industrial zone).

But why would the perfume industry change from non-dangerous ingredients to dangerous ones? Because those chemicals are a hundred per cent cheaper than the natural materials.