About Perfume.info

Perfume.info is a not-for-profit company that, via its social media channels, educates and warns consumers about the health risks associated with the use of perfume and fragranced products, as well as the harm they cause to the environment. The organization also puts pressure on governments worldwide to outlaw the manufacture and use of these toxic chemicals.

Perfume.info’s goals include:

  • Creating fragrance-free homes, workspaces
  • Creating fragrance-free cities
  • Encouraging manufacturers to drop fragrance from their products
  • Educating consumers about the health risks associated with using fragrance

A full text on the subject, Perfume – The Hidden Bane of Your Health by the founder of Perfume.info, Johann Kellerer, is available on Amazon in multiple languages.


Researched and written by Johann Kellerer and donated to perfume.info LBG. Independently published by perfume.info LBG, the non-profit organization that owns the rights to this book. All profit from the sales of this book and donations go towards spreading the word about the dangers of perfume.

johann Kellerer

Johann Kellerer founded the UK non-profit association perfume.info LBG to provide information on the dangers of fragrances, operate the website www.perfume.info and, last but not least, translate and publish this book into all the major languages of the world.