Perfume – The Hidden Bane of Your Health


Foreword (if not to say WARNING!)

Dear Reader,

You might not like this book.

You may think that I exaggerate, or that I seem to have been writing this in an emotional state of wrath and revenge. It might appear to be too radical.

Especially if you are a woman who loves perfume, you might even start to hate me. On the other hand, I believe I will express the heartfelt sentiments of the mothers among you.

Men? I guess some of you if you haven’t yet been convinced to wear perfume in the form of cologne, aftershave, deodorants, gels, oils, and soaps might absorb the content objectively.

Of course, if you are a chemist, you will most likely try to disprove it by whatever means you can. Chemical companies, perfume producers, and their advertising icons? They will hate me and try to ban this book with complaints and threats. 

So, should I only sell this book to mothers, non- chemists, and the few who don’t wear perfume?

No way! On the contrary! I want every woman and man in the world to read this book.

I may be seeing my face on ‘Wanted’ posters soon, though!

So why am I taking this risk?

  1. Without food, we can survive one to three months.
  2. Without water, five to seven days.
  3. Without air?

A minute or two!

These three aspects should make it clear that AIR is the most important element that our bodies need to survive.

And what every environmental activist and organic food-fan have long realized, is: the more our food and water is contaminated, the more our health is endangered. The same is true for the quality of the very air that we breathe.

And what 99.9% of the public either does not know or blatantly ignore: chemically produced perfume is a dangerous air pollutant. And it is right here in our homes, offices, and in all parts of our life 24/7 – but often hidden.

These were the arguments that led me years ago to gather and publish the facts about perfume. The issue of smoking took countless years before the tobacco industry was put in its place. I think it is now time to clean up the decades of misinformation, viciously indoctrinated into us by the advertising psychologists of the perfume industry, through which we daily poison ourselves and our family, friends and acquaintances in small, repeated doses out of ignorance.