Do you wish your workplace was fragrance-free?

Nov 20, 2023 | All, How to be Fragrance-Free


Fragrance-Free Zone
for the health & safety of all


Your perfume = My poison

We share the air • No scents makes sense

Adverse fragrance-related health effects cost employers billions of dollars annually, so it makes a lot of sense for employers to make their workspaces fragrance-free. Here are the steps suggested by Chemicals and Christians that employers need to take to make their workspaces free from fragrance, perfume and scent:

  1. Conduct a needs assessment identifying sources of exposure and who may be affected by them. This includes not only employees, but members of the public and others who share the environment.
  2. Perform an organizational chemical assessment which reviews all chemical products used in the business and those used by employees.
  3. Conduct a literature and legal search. Managers need an awareness of the health effects of synthetic fragrances and familiarity with applicable legislation.
  4. Develop and implement a fragrance-free policy. Include employee representation in all phases of policy development, implementation, and evaluation.
  5. Ensure support from top executives and occupational health and safety committee members. Make sure all departments understand their role in the policy’s success.
  6. Develop a discipline and enforcement process. Put clear guidelines in place for confronting violations and resolving problems. A shared enforcement approach is preferable to a “watchdog” system.
  7. Develop strategies for communicating the policy to non-employees who share the environment.
  8. Evaluate the policy for effectiveness and make changes as needed. Let employees know of the success of policy implementation on health and productivity.

If you’d prefer your workspace to be a fragrance-free zone, then why not suggest these steps to your employer?