We’ve created the ‘Perfume, Fragrance and Scent are toxic!’ Facebook Group as a discussion forum

May 31, 2023 | Health Issues from Perfume, All

We recently received this message via our Perfume.info Facebook Page:

For some time I have had to be very careful where I go, in order to avoid breathing various scents and chemicals which have a debilitating effect. I have learned to react very quickly to get out of any environment where I can smell perfume, and am very careful about the types of soap and detergents we use, but in the last few days I have suffered an extreme reaction within my own home. I eventually discovered that the rather severe reaction I had was caused by my wife having used Herbal Essences Potent Aloe and Hemp conditioner on her hair. I have searched the internet for some kind of discussion forum to share my own experience, and to hopefully learn from the experience of others, and you seem to be the only place where this may be possible.

So we thought it was time for us to set up the Perfume, Fragrance and Scent are toxic! Facebook Group which would make discussion even easier!

We hope it will be a Facebook group where people can talk about all things fragrance free including:

  • fragranced products they have come across that they had a reaction to, as in the comment we received, that they want to warn others about
  • unfragranced and fragrance free products they have found that they recommend
  • what it’s like to suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)
  • how they feel about scent marketing in airports, hotels and shopping centres
  • new laws that are making it more difficult for manufacturers to poison us with their perfumed products
  • other health and environmental news that concerns perfume, fragrance and scent
  • incredible recoveries people have made from such ailments as migraine, infertility, asthma and allergies when they started to lead fragrance-free lives
  • and more

Join the Facebook group and encourage others to join it. And let’s make this group a very valuable resource in the battle against fragrance and the insidious billion-dollar business of beauty, sex and chemicals that costs your health and money.