Perfume – the hidden bane of your health

Sep 15, 2023 | All, Health Issues from Perfume

Perfume is just the essence of flowers, fruit, herbs and spices, right? If you believe that, then I’m sorry to have to wake you up from your idyllic dream.

The reality is that all perfume today, whether cheap and nasty, or top-of-the-range at $1,000 an ounce, contain synthetic toxic chemicals derived from coal tar that build up in the body, entering via the lungs or the skin, that can make you ill, causing such conditions as cancer, asthma, migraine, infertility and even birth defects and other “inexplicable” diseases, as well as mental health problems such as depression.

By “perfume’, read “fragrance” and its other synonym, “scent”. Even “natural perfume” from essential oils has recently been found to cause just as much harm to the body as synthetic chemicals.

The full horror of the perfume industry is revealed in Johann Kellerer’s book, Perfume – The Hidden Bane of Your Health: The Insidious Billion-Dollar Business of Beauty, Sex and Chemicals that Costs Your Health and Money.

Perfume – The Hidden Bane of Your Health

The original meaning of the word “bane” was ‘something, especially poison, which causes death’. The word derives from Old English “bana” which meant ‘thing causing death, poison’. Johann could not have chosen a better word to include in the title of his book!

Perfume unhealthy

Perfumes are everywhere

Today, we encounter perfumes in all possible (and some seemingly impossible) places. We are forced to inhale perfume poisons in the nursing home, in the doctor’s waiting room, in the fitness center and in airports. The same is true in hotels and youth hostels, night clubs, swimming pools (in addition to dangerous chlorine chemicals) and even kindergartens, health resorts, hospitals and schools. We also come across perfumes in taxis (we have all seen the vile-smelling Christmas tree “air freshener” hanging on the rear-view mirror) and public toilets.

Perfume has also found its way into almost everything we buy nowadays, such as cosmetics, shampoo, hair conditioner, suncream (sunscreen), deodorants, antiperspirants, sanitary towels, talcum powder and other personal care products, toilet paper, tissues, pens and other stationery items, clothes, scented candles, newspapers, books, magazines and numerous plastic products – even children’s toys.

Not Even Tested

It is a little-known fact that perfume”, “parfum”, fragrance” or “scent” comprises around 4,000 chemicals, 80% of which have never been tested, as far as toxic effects on the human organism are concerned! The perfume industry is not regulated by any single government in the world and it is not obliged to provide information on the actual ingredients of its “odors.”

breast cancer and perfume

Breast Cancer and Perfume

Because of their minute size, particles of perfume can reach unimpeded into any cell of the body, not only by inhalation but also, as already described, by simple skin contact. When deodorants are applied under the armpits where the pores are wide open, poisons can readily enter the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system permeates the entire body. 

In the case of breast cancer, which is so often found today, one has to keep this in mind: lymphatic passages lead directly from the armpit to the breast glands. The poisons are not diverted. On the contrary, they form deposits in conjunction with certain body substances. The more perfume poisons used, the larger these deposits can become. Finally, cancerous tumors may occur.

A woman so afflicted will probably only be told she has a “genetic predisposition” to breast cancer because her mother suffered from it.

Perfume – The Hidden Bane of Your Health goes into great detail on how perfumes affect your health and it also explains how perfume mutated from harmless, organic scented water to a toxic chemical cocktail. The book even gives you a step-by-step guide of how to rid your life of all toxic perfumes and fragrances to enable you to live a fragrance-free life.

Unregulated perfume industry
Lynx deodorant television advertisement

I smell a rat

Skilled advertising psychologists make you believe perfume equals luxury, beauty, and sex. The truth is, perfume-industry masterminds are making billions at the expense of your health, while health ministers worldwide sit idle and watch powerlessly.

Perfume – The Hidden Bane of Your Health: The Insidious Billion-Dollar Business of Beauty, Sex and Chemicals that Costs Your Health and Money by Johann Kellerer is available on Amazon here.

Perfume the bane of your health